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Norway is a ruggedly beautiful country of mountains, fjords and glaciers. The country has delightfully long summer days, pleasantly low-key cities, unspoiled fishing villages and rich historic sites that include Viking ships and medieval stave churches. Norway prizes its stunning natural wonders and retains a robust frontier character unusual in Europe. It's not all frozen tundra, either. The temperate south includes rolling farmlands, enchanted forests and sunny beaches as well as the dramatic Western Fjords.

Why not make this the year to discover the magic of Norway and get a glimpse of the country that your great grandfather may have left - and enter the world of trolls and fairytales? Why not be seduced by the historic and charming city of Stavanger with its cobbled streets between small white wooden houses, or visit the Viking Village at Karmøy and be informed of the attire of the Vikings and their daily activities? Enjoy outdoor life and fun activities, or peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings, all available in Fjord Norway. Or why not take a voyage to Flåm, where the famous Flåm Mountain Railway starts.