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Your Scandinavian Heritage

From the mid 1840’s through the 1930’s population pressures, crop failures, divided inheritances, and other social ills caused a major Scandinavian migration to North America.

To know your roots, your heritage and history is important to everyone’s personal development. With today’s technology it is easier than ever to learn where your ancestors came from and to visit that location. What a thrill to find the church or homestead of your ancestors.

Facilities exist in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to assist you in researching locations and identifying family histories. In each country you will find emigrant houses, institutes and museums making this history come alive. Depending on where your heritage stems from it is possible to combine these site visits with extensions and a visit to the Norwegian Fjords, north of Sweden for the midnight sun, and the Sami people, an overnight cruise to Helsinki or one of many other options to create the travel experience of a lifetime