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With a large country and a small population Finland offers a lot of space and unspoiled nature. Culturally very active, the Finns arrange innumerable events and happenings of all possible kinds, both in the cities and in the rural areas.

Finland is sometimes referred to as the 'land of the thousand lakes', a veritable maze of inland waterways, with a profusion of bays, headlands and islands, sometimes opening out into broader waters, extending across the country but especially dense in the eastern areas. The lakes are linked by rivers, straits and canals and offer opportunities for a variety of recreation.
In winter, the frozen lakes are transformed into a giant playground for skiers and skaters. The other main element of nature is the forest, which extends to all parts of the country but for the highest fells in northern Lapland.

Christmas time sees many children traveling together with their parents or grandparents to Finnish Lapland to experience an adventure of their lifetime. From the moment they arrive in the magical world of Lapland till they climb on board the airplane again to go home, their time is filled with things they have not even dreamt about before. And as a true highlight of the trip, at some point they come face to face with Santa Claus for a little personal chat.