Nelson's Scandinavia
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The island of Gotland is in the middle of the Baltic Sea roughly 55 miles from the Swedish mainland. Gotland has served as the natural hub of trade across the Baltic Sea for many centuries. The climate is mild with four distinct seasons and the countryside is extremely varied from desolate heaths, lush meadows, spectacular cliffs to sandy beaches that are perfect for bathing.

The walled capital city of Visby the medieval center of the island is so perfectly preserved that it is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. The island is easily accessible from Stockholm by air or ferry.

Day 1 Depart by air or by high speed ferry from Stockholm. Upon arrival self transfer to Visby for lodging within the walled city.

Day 2 Today stroll through the streets of Visby visiting the Gothic Cathedral and the many shops; stop to enjoy the roses and the panoramic views. Overnight accommodations.

Day 3 A rental car is waiting for a drive north to Fårösund, then a short ferry ride to the island of Fårö. Here experience the stand rocks and have some beach time before returning your rental car in Visby. Overnight accommodation.

Day 4 Return to Stockholm to continue your adventure in Scandinavia.